Adding personality to your written & spoken business communication

I work with experts that love what they do but struggle when they have to put their expertise in writing. Or worse, deliver it in a presentation. Because: no time, too difficult, scary, boring.

The result of that struggle? 

Think: an amazingly confusing structure, too much fluff, trying to sound professional by using way too much jargon, or even: total snooze fest. 

Don't worry, the solution is much easier and way more fun than you think. I'll give you tailored tools & insights you need to produce business communication that connects (and is actually readable). 

Hi, I'm Elsbeth. Writer, public speaking coach, psychologist, reader, traveller, worrier, warrior, and, like all of us, much much more.

When I see super smart, interesting people overcomplicating their writing or presentations I want to cry. Reading boring professional documents makes me think, 'there must be more to life than this'. Management speak and most buzz words....don't get me started.  

I believe everyone has an interesting story and the ability to tell it. And I believe that the risk of 'not sounding professional' is way smaller than you think.  

So, are you sick of struggling every time you have to write or present something? And are you done with paying for someone to help you out each and every time? I hear you. And I can help. 

Het gesprek was heel verhelderend. Elsbeth is geduldig, empatisch en positief. En ze vatte mijn verhaal goed samen. In korte tijd heb ik meer vertrouwen gekregen in mijn idee en hoe dit te presenteren. Top! Veel dank :-)
— Relinde Moors